Continuous Aperture Phased (CAP) MIMO

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List of relevant main papers (MP):
  1. A. Sayeed and N. Behdad, Continuous Aperture Phased MIMO: Basic Theory and Applications, Allerton 2010. Extended version.
  2. A. Sayeed and N. Behdad, A Novel Hybrid Analog-Digital Architecture for Optimum AgileWireless Communication Using Discrete Lens Arrays, NSF EAGER proposal.
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  6. IMAT white paper from Skycross.
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Other papers (OP):
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Related presentations, white papers and articles (RP):
  1. R. Daniels, J. Murdoch, T. Rappaport, R. Heath, 60 GHz Wireless: Upclose and Personal, IEEE Microwave Magazine, Dec 2010.
  2. T. Rappaport, M. Corsi, R. Heath, Broadband Wireless Personal Area Networks - 60 GHz and Beyond, IEEE Globecomm, Business Forum,  Dec 2010.
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  8. mm-wave beamforming in MIMO-OFDM for WPAN, IEEE Wireless comm, 2011.

Communication Modes (Optics) papers (CM):
  1. D.A.B. Miller, Communicating with waves between volumes: evaluating orthogonal spatial channels and limits on coupling strengths,Applied Optics, April 2000.
  2. A. Burvall, P. Martinsson, A. Friberg, Communication modes in large aperture approximation, optics letter, march 2007.
  3. P. Martinsson, H. Lajunen, A. Friberg, Communication modes with partially coherent fields, JOSA, October 2007.
  4. Shapiro et. al. Ultimate Capacity of Optilcal links.

Ray Tracing Papers

1. R. Brem and T. F. Eibert, Multi-Radiation Center Transmitter Models for Ray Tracing, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 60, no.7, July 2012 pp. 3382-3388.

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